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Achieving an effortless landscape can be easy when you have a lawn service near me that delivers stellar lawn care. Finding reliable lawn service can be a boon to your outdoor areas. If you are not sure which services can deliver the most improvement to your grassy areas, rest assured a lawn company knows. 


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Full-Service Weekly Lawn Tasks 

Playing catch with your kids and inviting the family over to swim are things you want to do in your free time. Mowing the lawn and attending to weeds is likely not a preferred activity so handing those tasks off to a lawn care professional makes good sense, especially when they offer a money-back guarantee that you are completely satisfied. 

Proper Tools and Equipment 

Keeping the lawn mower blades sharp and the gas can full can take prior planning which is difficult in your busy schedule. You never have to worry about mower maintenance or breakdowns of the equipment again when your lawn service arrives with tune-up mowers and edgers. 

Mowers are great when they are working but what happens when it breaks down and you have to take it to the repair shop? Your grass remains uncut and you might not be sure when it will be mowed due to the repair time. 

Mowing, edging, and blowing are routine services that happen each week with a reputable lawn service. 

Customized Lawn Care Packages 

If you enjoy mowing your lawn but don’t want to trim the hard spaces or pull the weeds, a customized lawn care package can work well. Choosing the services you want to include each week can be catered to your particular circumstance. Plus, if you need extra services for one week but not the rest, all you have to do is call your lawn care company. 

Horticulture Training 

Very few lawn care teams receive monthly horticulture training. As a homeowner, you reap the rewards of this ongoing training that enables the team to spot problems before they become costly and get out of hand. 


Lawn Fertilization and Pest Control 

Love your lawn again when it has no pests and the grass is fully nourished. Starting with a soil analysis to see where the lawn area is nutrient deficient can tell the lawn care team which fertilizer will work best and how much to apply. 

Fertilizer is an amazing additive to boost the health and growth of your grass but only when it is applied correctly and at the right times in the year. Thankfully, you won’t have to guess at when to apply fertilizer because they will keep you on the ideal schedule to feed the soil. 

Their goal is to treat your lawn with preventives to stop issues before they start but their teams are trained to spot weeds and pests so they can stop these problems in their tracks, protecting the healthy grass from suffering. 


Lawn Health Guarantee 

Having a lawn health guarantee can give you tremendous peace of mind regarding your lawn and landscape. If you are not satisfied with the health of your lawn, the team will return in between scheduled visits to ensure the services meet your standards. With pet and child-safe lawn applications, your family can enjoy time outside with confidence. 


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A lush carpet of grass can be the crowning glory of your High Springs and Newberry, FL Areas landscape but having a lawn care team that doesn’t show up reliably can reduce the beauty. Reduce your frustration and ensure your lawn receives reliable care by investing in a reliable lawn team. See how a lawn service can set your landscape apart from the rest!


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A Custom Lawn Care Plan

One of the first advantages of securing reputable lawn care services can be the opportunity to customize a care plan that works for your unique property. Every lawn is not the same so having services that bring out the best in your lawn and landscape can be worth the investment you are making. 


Complete Lawn Care

While you certainly want a lawn care service that arrives in a timely manner, you also want them to do a great job on your lawn mowing and landscape services. A reliable lawn care team should arrive each week on the agreed-upon day. 

Their team will mow the lawn to the proper height to ensure the roots are protected from the hot sun, trim the edges of the driveway, walkway, and other areas, and remove the clippings for pristine outdoor areas. 

An exceptional lawn care team knows that lawn care and mowing are two different things. 


Weed Removal 

Weeds are continually growing just like grass and plants but you don’t want the weeds in your landscape beds or lawn. A reputable lawn care team will pull the weeds from the flower and landscape beds to protect your lovely areas and treat the weeds in the lawn so your grass is not overtaken by unsightly invaders. 


Perennial Care

Your shrubs and other plants that return year after year can need shaping and pruning for the best presentation so a lawn care team can handle that for you, too. When they arrive for weekly lawn care, the team can trim stray growth on the shrubs and prune the plants with flowers that have bloomed and need to be removed. These actions can leave those plants in the best condition to bloom again. 


Monthly Horticulture Care Training

Knowing that your lawn care team undergoes monthly training on the best horticulture care practices can give you confidence that their knowledge can dramatically benefit your lawn and landscape appearance and health. The team can recommend plant installations that will enhance the beauty and color of your landscape so it looks great throughout the year, no matter the season. 


Lawn Fertilization 

Sometimes, your lawn is struggling or looking less than stellar and it needs food like the rest of living things. A lawn care team can spot this and make a proper fertilizer application that combines with water from rain showers and irrigation for a wonderful boost. This fertilizer is the right ratio of nutrients to feed your lawn for several weeks so it can return to the vibrant green carpet you want. 

A lawn can be the central jewel of your landscape and you need skilled, invested lawn care to bring out the best in your property. Once you find reliable lawn care services, you can relax and never go back to worrying about the grass again. 


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As a homeowner, you likely already know that comprehensive lawn care can be the difference-maker in your lawn and landscape in the hot St. Augustine, FL Area climate. Having a reputable company handle all the lawn tasks can free up your valuable time for other, more enjoyable activities. These lawn care duties can elevate your landscape design with a healthy, well-tended outdoor space.


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Comprehensive Lawn Care 

The first thing you want in comprehensive lawn care is a company that shows up when scheduled and delivers a superior service for your property. While proper lawn and landscape care is essential, having confidence that a lawn care company will do what they promise can be the most important part. No one needs the stress of a lawn care company that sometimes shows up for weekly work and other times does not. 


Reliable Lawn Teams 

Engaging a lawn care company with reliable lawn teams can take the stress out of wondering if your lawn will receive quality maintenance services each week. A lawn care team should arrive on time to mow your lawn to the right height that protects the grass against having burned roots from the hot sun. 

You want them to trim the edges of the hardscape spaces and remove all the clippings for a clean, fresh appearance. As they work, they should be observing the shrubs and flowers for good health and trimming stray growth that can mar the appearance. 


Weed Control Applications 

Prevention can be the key to stopping weeds before they germinate and fill the lawn. A lawn care service can apply weed control in the very early spring to stop the weeds from growing. They can spot-treat any weeds that slip through and apply weed-killer products in the fall to eliminate weeds that have grown. Their goal is to remove the weeds so they can’t come back in the spring. Since weeds unfortunately look green and vibrant on the lawn, they can be overlooked easily so prevention is essential. 


Pest Control Applications 

Controlling pests is similar to controlling weeds. Prevention can be the key to stopping pests from ruining your gorgeous outdoor spaces. Chinch bugs, armyworms, grubs, and mole crickets are among the pests that can wreak havoc in your yard. 

It would take you quite some investigation to figure out what types of bugs you are seeing on your lawn but a lawn and landscape service can identify them on sight. Their professional products can make short work of eliminating any type of bugs or insects that try to make their home in your landscape. 

As they mow and perform the weekly lawn tasks, they can catch these pests and apply treatments to remedy the problem right away. 


Seasonal Irrigation Services

The irrigation system is a crucial component of the health and vitality of your grass and landscape plants. When this system malfunctions, your lawn can suffer in a matter of a day or two without water. 

You won’t have to worry about irrigation with a reliable lawn care team since they can perform seasonal services to ensure it is in peak working order. From replacing a missing sprinkler head to ensuring the potted plants are hydrated, they have your irrigation services covered. 


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The secret to a healthy and dense North Florida lawn is comprised of four main ingredients:

  1. Sunlight 🌞 

  2. Water/Irrigation 💦

  3. Lawn Food  🍌🍎🥦🍗 (Lawn Fertilization and soil amendments)

  4. Proper Maintenance

Keeping your lawn appealing requires a couple fundamental inputs. As we have mentioned in previous blogs linked above, this means ensuring it has the right amount of sunlight, water, and nutrients it needs to grow. 

The 4th Basic need of a lawn is proper maintenance - specifically with cutting height, interval, blade sharpening, and recycling the clippings.

This is a basic need of a healthy lawn because it helps to ensure that the grass is receiving the proper care in addition to the necessary nutrients, water, and sunlight to thrive. By regularly mowing properly, you can help prevent weeds and pests from doing damage, while also promoting strong growth and lush greenery.

Neglecting the basics of mowing can lead to it needing more water, slow uptake in nutrients, looking patchy, and susceptible to different lawn pests - weeds, insects, and disease.

Quick Tips on proper lawn mowing (more info about each are below the bullet points tips:

  1. A great rule of thumb is to always mow it at the highest setting when unsure your turf type or cultivar. The most common mistake made is by scalping it too low so it looks “tight.” 

  2. The best rule of thumb on mowing intervals (how often to mow) is to never wait so long between mowing that you’re cutting more than 1/3rd of the leaf blade off at a time. This does more damage to the turf than it does good. Effectively, it is like scalping the lawn even if you’re mowing at the proper height. Typically, this means weekly mowing about 7-8 months of the year (March-October). 

  3. Regular blade sharpening is essential, especially for vibrant, well-maintained lawns. A sharp blade ensures a clean, precise cut. Dull blades do more tearing off the grass blade, leaving your yard vulnerable to fungus and lawn-damaging insects.

  4. Don't bag or remove the grass clippings-they provide valuable nutrients to the soil as they decompose, acting as a natural fertilizer. The clippings also add moisture back to the lawn, as grass clippings are high percentage of moisture. Rarely does proper care involve less work, but in this case recycling your clippings back into the lawn is less work and better for the lawn.

  5. If you’ve hired The Master’s for your weekly landscape maintenance, you can rest assured your lawn will be mowed at the proper height. If you prefer to mow it yourself, make sure to know the proper setting for your turf. 

More Detailed Tips:

Proper Mowing Height:

  • Determine the ideal mowing height for your specific grass type

  • Aim to cut only about one-third of the grass blade length during each mow. This promotes healthier roots and encourages stronger growth.

  • Observe your lawn's appearance after mowing: scalped, yellow, or brown patches may mean cutting too short.

Mowing Intervals:

  • To gauge when to mow, wait until it's grown about one-third taller than the recommended height.

  • Aim to mow your lawn once a week throughout growing season, and adjust the frequency based on how quickly your grass is growing and the weather (you may need to mow more often during periods of heavy rain and reduce mowing during dry/hot spells to prevent lawn stress)

  • Avoid mowing the lawn if it's saturated with water to get a cleaner cut and less impact on the soil.

Regular Blade Sharpening:

  • You can do this yourself or take your blades to a professional. Just be sure to follow the manufacturer's guidelines for blade removal and sharpening techniques.

  • Regularly inspect the blades for signs of damage or dullness. If you notice nicks, cracks, or significant wear, it's time to replace the blades.

  • Be safe! Wear protective gloves and follow proper precautions to avoid injury during the sharpening process.

Don't Remove the Grass Clippings:

  • Set your mower to a higher setting to keep the grass clippings from being too long or clumpy.

  • Consider using a mulching mower, which is designed to finely chop grass clippings into smaller pieces that easily break down.

  • Be sure that your lawn receives proper irrigation or rainfall after mowing to help the grass clippings break down efficiently. 

Looking for Proper Mowing Tips?
Watch our Youtube Video:
What is Gainesville lawn mowing 'scalping'?

Want More Information?
Read our Article: Importance of a Regular Lawn Care Routine

If you have questions or concerns about your landscape maintenance, please contact us at (352) 378-5296 or (904) 913-5296 or fill out our form at the top of the page, we would love to help!

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Searching for a lawn service near me in the St. Augustine and Ponte Vedra Beach, FL Areas can be a frustrating process, particularly when you don’t know which services are truly reputable. You want a stress-free lawn and landscape service experience with a company that does what they promise. Here are some tips to help you locate that service. 


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Perfect Hardscape Spaces 

A patio should be the place where you relax in comfort and beauty at the end of the day. You might be surprised to learn that a lawn service that can shield all your lawn maintenance needs can also design and build the patio of your dreams. 

Starting with a stone patio paver surface can give you a backdrop for other features like an outdoor fire pit for warmth and ambient light. Not only does a paver patio perform well in the Florida heat but the colorfast nature and durability are unmatched so this outdoor living space looks as lovely years from now as when it was first built.

Patio pavers need little maintenance but when they do need some cleaning, it is as easy as using gentle soap and water for a renewed surface. They are the definition of stress-free beauty and elegance. 


Landscape Enhancements for Superior Beauty 

When you need a lawn quickly, sod can be the right solution. A lawn service can prepare the base to lay the sod so it catches quickly and thrives from the first day. In the Florida heat, it can be difficult to start a lawn from seed so choosing sod can create the canvas of healthy grass you want.

They can also design and plant trees that lend vertical beauty to your outdoor spaces. When you opt for established trees, the landscape design can take hold quickly to deliver the eye-catching texture and interest you want in a stellar landscape plan. 

Native shrubs and sustainable smooth stone mulch can mean you don’t have to worry about replacing traditional mulch while ensuring the landscape plants have moisture to thrive. There is no need to replace this stone mulch because it won’t decompose like traditional mulch. 


Landscape Boulders 

When you love the size and texture landscape boulders add to landscape beds, they can deliver and place those for a big impact on the landscape’s appearance. The sheer size can be appealing but a lawn service can add low-maintenance and low-water plants around the boulders and within the crevices so the boulders look like they have been there for years. This can be a dramatic addition to the landscape design that your neighbors will be sure to notice and admire. 


Landscape Lighting 

The current technology gives you landscape lighting that is fully automatic so you don’t have to do anything for it to come on at the right time and shut off when you are fast asleep. Low-level LED lighting won’t drive up the electricity bill as it adds visual enhancements to every part of your property. 

From the front yard to the back, gentle lighting can illuminate all the best parts of your property so you can sit back and enjoy the view. Landscape lighting is the ultimate stress-free addition. 


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If you are searching for a reputable lawn service near me, chances are you are getting lots of results. The problem can be how to choose the right service for your property needs. These tips can help you find a lawn care service that delivers a stellar lawn and landscape all year long.


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Tip #1

The first tip is to search for a customized care plan. Not only can this allow your lawn and landscape to thrive but it lets you choose which services work best for your needs. 

Some homeowners like to have weekly mowing services throughout the year while others prefer to move to bi-weekly in the cooler season when the grass is not growing as much. Having a customized plan can allow you to enjoy your lawn and landscape while staying in your planned budget. 


Tip #2 

A second tip is to find a lawn care service with a team trained in horticulture. Most lawn services arrive and mow the lawn, blow away the clippings, and move on. 

Choosing a lawn care service with horticultural care training means that your team will be evaluating the landscape beds for weeds and hand-pulling them. They can also see the invasive weeds like clover that need to have treatments to remove them from your lawn.  

While you certainly want a freshly mowed lawn, you should also want to know that your lawn team is assessing the rest of the landscape for good health and making a plan to correct any problems they see. 


Tip #3

Perennial plants, trees, and shrubs need pruning in the right season to deliver the best appearance in the spring, summer, and fall growth times. However, pruning can’t be haphazard and must be targeted to the plant type.

A trained lawn care team knows which trees and plants to prune at vital times so your landscape has the most pleasing, vibrant appearance. Many annual flowers need a pruning in mid-summer to give them a second bloom time in the early fall. 

Knowing your lawn services include these tasks can let you relax, feeling secure that your property will always be in the best shape. 


Tip #4

Lawn care means feeding the grass and plants and that is where fertilizer is essential to plant health. They can spread the right fertilizer ratio for your grass type to feed it in the early spring as the growing season begins and throughout the summer so it doesn’t fade in the heat. 

Fertilizer is also crucial in the fall as the temperatures cool off and the grass has a final growing season before the winter. 


Tip #5

Make sure you get a satisfaction guarantee. If you are like many homeowners, you might have been left high and dry with a less-than-acceptable lawn care service. A reputable service will offer a guarantee that you are satisfied with your lawn care or they will come out and make it right. 

When a lawn service offers this type of guarantee, you can have confidence that they will do what they promise since their business is backed with consistently superior services. Their reputation matters and their lawn care teams ensure the highest standards are met. 


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Professional and reliable Jonesville and High Springs, FL Areas lawn care services can let you sit back and enjoy your free time without having to mow, trim, or handle any of the lawn care tasks. When you are ready for low-maintenance surroundings, professional lawn care can be the solution. 


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Custom Lawn Maintenance Packages 

A custom lawn maintenance package should be just that—tailored to your unique property. You can choose the services that best suit your landscape and lawn. Knowing that a lawn care team is always observing the state of your property when they arrive to mow can give you peace of mind that they won’t just do the job and ignore visible needs. Here are some services to make your outdoor areas the envy of the neighbors. 

Fertilizer Applications 

Fertilizer is food tailored to your grass type. Throughout the growing season, your lawn needs nutrients it can’t get in the soil. Fertilizer delivers the top three—nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium—along with other nutrients to ensure your lawn is getting what it needs to become lush, healthy, and a bold green color that makes your property pop.

Removing Weeds 

A trained lawn care team should pull the weeds from the lawn and landscape beds each time they come to your home for lawn care service. This can entail hand-pulling weeds and weed killer in areas where it won’t damage other plants. 

Weeds can spread quickly to make your outdoor areas look unkempt, reflecting on you and your property poorly. The knowledge that a lawn care service has your best interests at heart and views your property as their own can allow you to go about your daily tasks, confident that your outdoor spaces will look pristine in every season. 

Pruning and Perennials 

Especially in the growth periods, shrubs and plants can need some pruning to ensure they look their best. A lawn maintenance package can include trimming stray growth and perennial plants that need to have dead flowers removed for increased growth. 

Many perennial plants and flowers need to be cut back in the middle of the summer to boost new growth for the late summer and fall. While you might not be familiar with pruning plants, your lawn care service is well-trained. 

Horticultural Care 

Not every lawn and landscape team has extensive horticultural training that produces the best results in your landscape but a custom lawn care team will. Every team member undergoes horticultural training to ensure they are ready to handle any detail of your outdoor spaces with knowledge and education. 


Weekly and Bi-Weekly Lawn Cutting 

Lawn care and mowing are two different things and a trained lawn care team will understand the difference. Proper lawn mowing is crucial to the health of your lawn.

A lawn care team knows to mow in several directions to ensure the grass grows evenly throughout the landscape. Making sure the mower blades are sharp ensures a clean cut that resists diseases and pests that can wreak havoc on your grass. 

Professional trimmers can produce crisp edges around the hardscapes so your landscape looks clean and fresh. 

In the off-season when the weather cools down, you can change to bi-weekly mowing since the grass growth slows considerably. 


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Landscape pest control involves two main aspects: First, preventing pests through proper care and secondly stopping existing issues. When your lawn care team is also your pest control experts, they can team up to do both at once.

If there's a pest problem, they can coordinate their efforts to fix it. For example, if the pest control experts find a bug issue, the lawn care team can adjust their mowing schedule or use specific treatments to help get rid of the bugs.

Our lawn health team uses this 5 step partnership approach to prevent pests in landscapes:

  1. Maintaining Proper Mowing Frequency & Height

Regular mowing at the appropriate height helps prevent overgrowth and creates a well-maintained lawn. This reduces pest-friendly environments such as stressed grass from scalping or too infrequent mowing. A healthy, well-manicured lawn is less attractive to pests and can discourage their presence.

For example, a scalped lawn can be a big attraction for pests. By mowing your lawn correctly, you reduce it’s stress therefore strengthening the St. Augustine Lawn pest prevention. It's like one of the top preventions from landscape pests - proper maintenance.

  1. Ensuring Proper Irrigation

Proper irrigation helps prevent issues like thinning grass, pests, and pesky weeds that invade your yard. For example, too much water is the most common reason for dollarweed in St. Johns lawns, and many other broadleaf weeds as well. 

Just remember, giving your lawn too much or too little water can mess with its root system and make it easier for those unwanted weeds and pests to take over.

These pests are more likely to cause damage without proper irrigation:

  • Pest of the month: Chinch Bugs - ​​Portions of the turf that have poor irrigation coverage are where you're most likely to see chinch bug damage first.
  • Pest of the month: Sod Webworms - Too much irrigation can produce a lawn that is very attractive for female sod webworm moths to lay eggs.
  • Pest of the Month: Large Patch Fungus - Turf in Florida is most vulnerable to this Fungus when rainfall, high humidity, or excessive irrigation leave your lawn damp for a duration of more than 48 hours.

By identifying pests or signs of pest damage early on, we can take prompt action to control them. This partnership approach focuses on prevention, early detection, and targeted treatment which reduces the need for excessive pesticide use and promotes a more environmentally-friendly approach to Ponte Vedra lawn pest control.

  1. Monitoring “Pest Pressure”

This term is used to describe the level of pest activity in a given area. Landscape Pests can be anything from insects, weeds, or lawn diseases that cause harm or damage to your lawn and landscape. Many people assume pests are only insects, but truthfully a lawn pest is anything ‘pestering’ the lawn.

Our Lawn health and pest control services work together to prevent pest pressure in the first place, and by identifying areas of high pest pressure to determine the most effective pest control strategies to solve the issue.

  1. Proactive communication and avoidance of problems

When lawn care and pest control services communicate proactively, we can work together to ensure the techniques work together to move the needle for your landscape. If any problems arise, we collaborate, coordinate, and take action towards a solution..

We also share information about techniques, schedules, and products used to avoid any conflicts and ensure the work does not affect each other's tasks. This way, our lawn care and pest control services can work together effectively and ensure that your lawn is in good shape.

  1. Regular lawn maintenance reduces pest pressure on home

When you keep your lawn clean and free of debris, it removes potential breeding grounds and habitats for pests like rodents, roaches.

Regularly mowing, raking, and trimming your lawn can also increase sunlight and air circulation, which makes the lawn less welcoming for pests that like damp and shady areas.

If you do find pests on your lawn, maintaining it regularly allows us to spot them early on and get rid of them before they become a bigger problem. By keeping your lawn healthy and tidy, you can make it less attractive to pests and help protect your home from potential infestations.

By working together, our lawn care and pest control services partner together to ensure that your lawn is healthy and pest-free.

Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to exceeding expectations and, use eco-friendly products and methods to create a safe and healthy outdoor environment for you and your family to enjoy.

If we can help you with your lawn care and pest control services, feel free to contact us at (352) 378-5296 or (904) 913-5296 or fill out our form at the top of the page!

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Lawn care services can be one of the most important parts of your landscape plan in the St. Augustine and Nocatee, FL Areas climate. Having a vibrant, green carpet of grass and billowing flowers can transform your outdoor spaces into an oasis. When you are in search of skillful lawn care, here are some services that can deliver results. 


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A Trained Lawn Care Team

When you want your lawn to stand out from the rest of the neighborhood, you need a trained team that understands the nuances of caring for grass and plants. Finding a lawn care service with horticultural training can ensure the team they send to you is qualified to address any issues with your grass and landscape plants. 

All it can take is pests making their home in your landscape or being lax on weed control for the landscape to look less than stellar. Ongoing assessments at each weekly visit can ensure your property stays vibrant and healthy as they catch problems early for an effective solution. 


Weekly Mowing and Maintenance 

If you have been mowing your own lawn, then you know the importance of sharp mower blades and having tuned-up machines and tools. Entrusting a lawn care service with lawn tasks can take that burden from you. 

Their business is built on the most up-to-date machinery that can ensure a clean cut from sharp blades. Dull blades can tear the grass, leaving jagged edges that are ideal for pests and diseases to enter and ruin the lawn. 

When the lawn care team arrives, they have trimmers, edgers, mowers, and all the tools ready to leave you with a pristine carpet of grass and freshly trimmed shrubs. 


Irrigation Inspection 

You can have an irrigation inspection as part of the lawn care services in your package. As they arrive weekly, a lawn care team can assess the moisture levels to ensure each zone is receiving the correct amount of water.

While the ideal watering time is in the early morning before the sun comes up, they can check for visual indicators that the lawn and landscape are receiving the ideal amount of water for sunny and shady spots. You can also request to have them run the system to make sure there are no undetected leaks that can waste water and run up the water bill. 


Lawn Fertilization and Feeding

Your lawn and landscape need food to grow healthy and stay that way. This means that the grass needs fertilizer targeted to your particular grass type. 

Fertilizers can be tricky since too much can burn the grass while too little makes no significant difference. A lawn care service is knowledgeable about what ratio, how much, and when to apply fertilizers so the grass can absorb as much of the nutrients as possible. 

Your landscape plants also need food and this should be different food than the grass. Knowing how much and which type of fertilizers feed the roses, azaleas, evergreens, and other plants can ensure your entire outdoor area has what it needs to be attractive and thriving. 

Skillful lawn care services don’t just happen—they are cultivated and learned. This is the main benefit a lawn care service can bring to your landscape.


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How Skillful Lawn Care Services Ensure a Healthy Landscape in the St. Augustine and Nocatee, FL Areas.jpg
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Making time in your busy life to care for your High Springs, FL lawn can be something you would prefer not to handle but perhaps your experiences with professional lawn care have been less than satisfactory. You want a reliable, professional lawn team who shows up on time for full-service lawn care. It might be time to give professional lawn services another try with these benefits from a well-regarded landscape company.


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A Friendly Lawn Care Team

While a lawn care service should be efficient and precise, they should also be friendly. When your lawn team shows up for weekly lawn maintenance, they should greet you with a smile and hello, making you feel like a valued client. You should feel comfortable sharing concerns or asking questions that you know will get answers. Friendliness is a clear benefit and something you can expect from a reputable landscape company. 


Setting Your Lawn Apart from the Rest

A reputable lawn care company has the goal of setting your lawn apart from the rest. Close attention to detail and responsive service can be what makes your lawn a cut above. 

Mowing at various starting points can keep the lawn from developing low and high areas that can detract from the vibrant appearance. A lawn service should pay attention to where the mowing begins each week to ensure even growth. 

Trimming the edges of the landscape beds and along the walkways and driveway can leave clean edges that add symmetry and clarity to the landscape. 


Weeding and Trimming 

Horticultural training is given for a stellar lawn care team. As they care for the lawn, the team can assess the trees for good health and note any trimming that is required to ensure they continue to thrive. 

Weeding the landscape beds and attending to any weeds that find their way into the lawn is another essential. Early intervention can be the most effective way to prevent weeds from growing and overtaking healthy grass. Any weeds that find their way into the landscape beds can be hand-pulled. 

You can feel confident when the entire lawn care team is trained to know what to look for as they make their weekly visits. 


Sprinkler and Irrigation Oversight 

As part of the weekly service, you can have them oversee the sprinklers and other irrigation such as for planters to ensure they are delivering the right amount of water for the proper time. The best time to water the lawn and landscape beds can be in the early morning hours before the sun comes up.

This gives the plants and grass time to absorb the moisture before the sun burns off the excess. In such a warm climate, your irrigation system can be essential to ensuring the landscape is thriving. 


Drainage Solutions

During the weekly lawn maintenance visits while mowing, the lawn care team can catch any drainage issues that can cause a grass section to die. Drainage problems can also damage landscape plants and ruin your carefully curated landscape beds so it can give you peace of mind knowing they are assessing the drainage at each visit. 

Perhaps the main benefit of having a reliable lawn care service handle the lawn tasks each week can be the extra time you have in your day for more pleasurable activities. 


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