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Gainesville Lawn Fertilization, Weed, & Pest Control

Do you want a thick, lush, and green lawn you can be proud of?

Our proactive Lawn Health and Pest Control Program will make your lawn healthier and protect it from weeds and pests. Click here to get started turning your lawn around today, or call our team of lawn professionals at (352) 378-5296

Without question, we have the best looking lawn on our street! We couldn't be happier with Masters Lawn Care.- Eileen S.

What Makes The Master's Lawn Care Program Different?

There are so many answers to this - but the main thing is we are a lawn care company; not a pest control company. We have been helping clients love their lawn again by installing, irrigating, maintaining, fertilizing, topdressing, and protecting grass in North Florida for over 20 years. It is so much more than just lawn pest control or lawn spraying.

By creating a tailored program from your initial lawn and soil analysis, we can keep your lawn more lush and healthy than anyone else. There's not another company that knows lawns like we do.

An Ounce of Prevention

"An ounce of preventions is worth a pound of cure," is the old saying. We not only treat active concerns in your lawn, but we also make preventative applications to reduce the chance for problems later on. Preventative measures are taken against Chinch Bugs, Webworms, Weeds, Mole Crickets, Grubs, and Disease.

Our Lawn Health Guarantee

We will gladly visit your lawn as often as needed between scheduled visits to make any necessary adjustments and to ensure your satisfaction with your lawn's turnaround. Our program is tailored specifically to your lawn's needs, and we want to ensure your expectations are exceeded.

Pet and Child Safe

There is no substitute for safety. At The Master's, we take great pride in giving you the peace of mind that an organic-based lawn health program brings you. 

Imagine after a couple months on our program:

  • Feeling the pride of having a beautiful and lush lawn
  • Increasing your curb appeal and the value of your home
  • Having a lawn that’s free of pests and weeds, and safe for your kids and pets
  • Not being “that house” with the yard that brings down the neighborhood
  • Not having the HOA all over your back about dead spots

Oh, and less frustration overall because your lawn care is handled by The Master's!

Look, we know that you’re the type of person who believes in pride of ownership - especially when it comes to your lawn.

But, up until this point, the beautiful, lush lawn of your dreams seems out of your grasp. It could be that

  • Your current lawn company can't keep the weeds under control...
  • You could be mowing your lawn too low...
  • Your lawn isn’t being watered correctly (yes, there is a right and wrong way)
  • You could be hiring a pest control company which simply sprays your lawn with chemicals instead of focusing on overall lawn health …

Or it could be a combination of all of the above.

We at The Master's Lawn Care know you’re exhausted from feeling like your lawn is never making the turnaround you’re hoping it will.

These programs will have you loving your lawn again. Here are the 3 different options:

Gainesville Lawn Care Service Options

Just imagine your kids playing in it - with no fear of stinging weeds - and the compliments you’ll be hearing from your neighbors.

"I have greatly enjoyed hiring Master's Lawn Care to maintain and care for our lawn and landscaping over the past year. They are very friendly to work with and I would recommend to anyone seeking lawn care services!" - Claudia E.

"This whole process started was amazing. They made excellent suggestions and were very responsive to us. We love our lawn and the team was absolutely incredible!"- Jimmie J.

We at The Master's are Gainesville’s Lawn Experts.

We do not just offer lawn pest control like our competitors; we offer Complete Lawn Health which is proactive - not just reactive. Our Complete program includes:

  • Soil test and 14-step lawn analysis
  • A customized program for your lawn's needs
  • Preventative weed treatments before they show
  • Pest Prevention before damage occurs
  • Irrigation testing for proper watering coverage
  • Proactive Fungal prevention for Brown patch and Root-rot
  • Lawn tips for proper mowing, watering, and more. 

Our lawn care programs are not cookie-cutter or one-size-fits-all. Instead, they are tailored based on a UF-IFAS soil analysis,  your grass type, and your lawn’s specific needs.

We have been installing, irrigating, maintaining, and fertilizing lawns in North Florida for over 20 years and we have decades of online reviews confirming positive results for our clients.

Working with us is not just about pest control or landscaping - it’s Complete Lawn & Landscape Health.

“The Master's team was punctual, reliable, friendly, and more than willing to make sure we are happy. I recommend this company highly!” -George T.

Fill out our online form, or call our team at (352) 378-5296 to get your free lawn analysis and receive your first month for only $19.95 today. 


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Customer Testimonials

We are still only a few months into the service, but I love prompt replies and service calls for problem areas in our yard. It has been a really great service so far and more than worth it. Our grass is recovering so nicely. Thank you!

Tonya C.

We are so happy with our experience from The Master's Lawn Care. They really take pride in their work, and everything is done to perfection. Everyone we have come in contact with was helpful and professional. We will continue to use The Master's for years to come!

Terry T.

We cannot thank you enough for the work you have done in our yard! We haven't stopped enjoying it since we hired you guys!

Heather H.

Thanks for everything. The lawn looks fantastic!

Josh S.

Because of your service, our business has won the City Beautification award!

Pat G.

I have used this company for the last two years and I cannot recommend them enough. Herbert and his team are professional and their work is top quality. I have a massive irrigation project that I am planning and I can't think of a better company to handle it than The Master's.

Tyler T.