By Rusty,

Pet owners have discovered that having Gainesville artificial turf for dogs comes with many benefits and can make pet ownership more enjoyable. Artificial grass has eco-friendly pet options which reduces the time you spend cleaning your furry friend and repairing your yard from its use.

Those who own pups love artificial turf for dogs because:

  • There are less fleas and ticks on their pets because they can not thrive and multiply on 'astroturf.'
  • You don’t have to bathe your dog after they play outside from the dirt, mud, and grass.
  • There are no more holes in the lawn to fill in or resod from pet traffic and digging. 
  • There is cleaner home and back patio because no dirt is brought in  from your pet.

One thing pet owners like about artificial turf is that the grass does not stain or die back where you dog uses the restroom. It is also easier to find pet waste and clean it off without creating a mudpit. Spots, even urine areas, are easier to spot because of the uniform grass (this way you don’t have to constantly watch your dog). Feces can easily be picked up with a pooper-scooper and then the area can be sprayed down. If there is a stain on your artificial turf for dogs, you can clean it with some mild soap and water.

The second thing pet owners love about artificial turf for dogs is the fact there are no more fleas, ants, or ticks on their pets. Artificial turf for dogs eliminates food for bugs, so they migrate elsewhere. For pet owners, this means you will no longer need to use insecticides on your yard for any of these pests.

The most important aspect of choosing an artificial turf for dogs is proper drainage. A good backing will go a long way to reduce odors and direct water away from your yard. Not only is the backing important, but so is the base. Look for a dependable base material when you consider artificial turf for dogs. The base separates artificial grass backing from the ground and this material, usually a crushed stone, have tunnels built into this area to help drain water out of your yard. This is how Master's assures the longevity of your astroturf installation - proper foundation and drainage. 

Pets can use the lawn with artificial turf just as it would natural grass. Using the right infill will also make your pet more comfortable in the yard. While there are several types of infill, we recommend Envirofill. This creates a soft sand-like texture in the artificial truf that removes the harsh feel of the firm foundation. Cheaper companies instaling artificial turf around Gainesville, Florida may skip this important step for your pets and/or children. 

Envirofill is a coated sand. It is extremely safe for children and pets because it is non-toxic. It is also great at reducing odor. It is more expensive than other infills, but is highly durable and provides much-needed softness for your lawn.

Stay away from crumbled rubber as an infill for an artificial turf for dogs. While it is highly durable, it also absorbs heat and that can heat up your yard quickly in the sun and soaks up dog waste creating a odor issues. We don't do that to our clients.

Gainesville Artificial turf for dogs is becoming a solid option for homeowners with pets because of its safety, easy care, and durability. With good drainage and no fleas, your pet will thank you for a happier, healthier life and your home will thank you for the same.