Experience a Worry-Free Landscape With Proper Irrigation in the St. Augustine and Sawgrass, FL Areas

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Rusty Thompson on May 19th, 2023
Experience a Worry-Free Landscape With Proper Irrigation in the St. Augustine and Sawgrass, FL Areas

When the heat of the sun beats down on your St. Augustine and Sawgrass, FL Areas lawn and landscape, dragging a sprinkler around the yard is not the best option. This is why you need a worry-free way to keep your landscape in good shape with regular watering. The benefits of a proper irrigation system can remove the stress and worry of ensuring your lawn and landscape stay hydrated. 


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Ideal Applications

A professional irrigation system can deliver the ideal amount of water at the perfect time of day for a lawn and landscape that need a drink of water. Each zone has been tailored to the sun or shade it receives throughout the day. 

This means that the sunny areas get more water so they don’t dry out quickly. The grass and plants can flourish in the summer sun because they are healthy and retain moisture. The shady areas can become waterlogged if they get too much water so the zones in the shaded spaces receive less to ensure they have just enough water to thrive there, too.


Targeted Timing 

The timing of the watering system can also be crucial to landscape and lawn health. When your irrigation system is set to water the specific areas in the early morning hours before the sun rises, the plants have ample time to absorb the maximum water amounts.

They can store the moisture in the plants to use it throughout the day. This can keep your lawn and landscape in the best shape so you have the envy-worthy outdoor spaces you want.


Automatic Irrigation 

Knowing your irrigation system will work whether you are home or not can give you peace of mind while you are traveling for work or pleasure. The last thing you need is to come home to a struggling lawn and wilted plants.

Although professional irrigation has rain sensors that keeps the system from operating when there is a certain amount of rain, you can also adjust the system from a smartphone with the tap of your finger.

This can save you money when the lawn and landscape don’t need the same amount or any water. 


Professional Oversight 

Another amazing plus of professional irrigation is just that—professional oversight of the system. An irrigation team can inspect your system for leaks and malfunctioning sprinkler heads to keep the system running at peak performance. 

This is another layer of protection for your lawn and landscape that delivers huge benefits. While you might not be keeping an eye on each zone to see if the amount of water is causing the plants and grass to be healthy with strong growth, they can. 

Replacing any parts of the irrigation system can keep you from wasting water that bubbles over but doesn’t reach the right areas. This can also keep your water bill in a reasonable range. 


Seasonal Maintenance 

Another way professional irrigation can be beneficial is the seasonal maintenance an irrigation team provides. If the system ever needs to be shut down for a time when you will be gone for an extended period in the cooler months or for any other reason, they handle that, too. You don’t have to worry about anything other than enjoying a gorgeous landscape and lawn. 


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