Create a Sustainable Landscape With Proper Irrigation in the St. Augustine and Silverleaf, FL Areas

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Rusty Thompson on April 27th, 2023
Create a Sustainable Landscape With Proper Irrigation in the St. Augustine and Silverleaf, FL Areas

Irrigation can be a crucial component of your gorgeous St. Augustine and Silverleaf, FL Areas landscape design and healthy lawn. If you are ready to move toward a more sustainable landscape with smaller grassy areas, irrigation will be essential to ensure the grass remains lush and lovely in the hot weather.  

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Irrigation Types to Support a Landscape Design 

There are many factors that can affect the vibrance of your lawn and landscape but one that you can control is the amount of water the plants and grass receive. Fortunately, there are multiple irrigation methods to ensure the entire landscape gets the right amount of water. 

Irrigation Sprinklers  

Sprinklers can be the most common irrigation method for grass as they can throw the water farther to irrigate a larger area. They pop up from the ground to shoot water out over the lawn. Sprinklers are very effective to water multiple landscape types.  

Drip Irrigation  

Drip irrigation can be ideal for planters that can deliver water directly to the plant roots. The water seeps slowly into the soil to keep plants and landscape beds moist. The drip tubes can be hidden so you don’t see them around the planters which can detract from the attractiveness of the planter combinations.  

Mist Irrigation  

Mist irrigation is similar to drip irrigation in that it sends small water amounts to certain parts of the landscape. The mist can form a fine sheen on delicate plants and other parts of the landscape that you want to keep moisture but not wet. Mist irrigation can be perfect for greenhouses where you enjoy propagating flowers and plants.  

Irrigation for Sustainable Landscape Designs  

While sustainable landscapes and lawns might not need the same amount of water as a traditional landscape design, the plants and grasses still need water to become established. Having an irrigation system can come in handy when there is no rain for long periods of time, particularly in the summer when the hot weather and dry conditions can stress a lawn and landscape.  

Not only can a custom irrigation system deliver the right amount of water to various areas of the landscape but this method conserves water and reduces run-off. The efficient water delivery also reduces your water bill since little water is wasted.  

Another benefit of an irrigation system can be the way you can adjust the various zones and water amounts from an app on your phone. Most sprinkler systems have a rain gauge that keeps the system from operating on a rainy day, further conserving water.  

Automatic irrigation operates in the early morning hours before you awaken for the day, delivering water to the landscape areas you have chosen. This can give the grass and plants ample time to absorb the water since it seeps into the ground before the hot sun can burn away the moisture.  

By the time the sun comes up and is in full force, the irrigated water has been absorbed into the plants to hydrate them well.  

Good water management is critical to maintaining a healthy landscape while conserving water at the same time. Less run-off and strategic watering zones can be augmented by irrigation methods, saving you money and reducing excess water waste.  

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