Enjoy Low-Maintenance Surroundings When You Hire Lawn Care Services in the Jonesville and High Springs, FL Areas

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Rusty Thompson on May 30th, 2023
Enjoy Low-Maintenance Surroundings When You Hire Lawn Care Services in the Jonesville and High Springs, FL Areas

Professional and reliable Jonesville and High Springs, FL Areas lawn care services can let you sit back and enjoy your free time without having to mow, trim, or handle any of the lawn care tasks. When you are ready for low-maintenance surroundings, professional lawn care can be the solution. 


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Custom Lawn Maintenance Packages 

A custom lawn maintenance package should be just that—tailored to your unique property. You can choose the services that best suit your landscape and lawn. Knowing that a lawn care team is always observing the state of your property when they arrive to mow can give you peace of mind that they won’t just do the job and ignore visible needs. Here are some services to make your outdoor areas the envy of the neighbors. 

Fertilizer Applications 

Fertilizer is food tailored to your grass type. Throughout the growing season, your lawn needs nutrients it can’t get in the soil. Fertilizer delivers the top three—nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium—along with other nutrients to ensure your lawn is getting what it needs to become lush, healthy, and a bold green color that makes your property pop.

Removing Weeds 

A trained lawn care team should pull the weeds from the lawn and landscape beds each time they come to your home for lawn care service. This can entail hand-pulling weeds and weed killer in areas where it won’t damage other plants. 

Weeds can spread quickly to make your outdoor areas look unkempt, reflecting on you and your property poorly. The knowledge that a lawn care service has your best interests at heart and views your property as their own can allow you to go about your daily tasks, confident that your outdoor spaces will look pristine in every season. 

Pruning and Perennials 

Especially in the growth periods, shrubs and plants can need some pruning to ensure they look their best. A lawn maintenance package can include trimming stray growth and perennial plants that need to have dead flowers removed for increased growth. 

Many perennial plants and flowers need to be cut back in the middle of the summer to boost new growth for the late summer and fall. While you might not be familiar with pruning plants, your lawn care service is well-trained. 

Horticultural Care 

Not every lawn and landscape team has extensive horticultural training that produces the best results in your landscape but a custom lawn care team will. Every team member undergoes horticultural training to ensure they are ready to handle any detail of your outdoor spaces with knowledge and education. 


Weekly and Bi-Weekly Lawn Cutting 

Lawn care and mowing are two different things and a trained lawn care team will understand the difference. Proper lawn mowing is crucial to the health of your lawn.

A lawn care team knows to mow in several directions to ensure the grass grows evenly throughout the landscape. Making sure the mower blades are sharp ensures a clean cut that resists diseases and pests that can wreak havoc on your grass. 

Professional trimmers can produce crisp edges around the hardscapes so your landscape looks clean and fresh. 

In the off-season when the weather cools down, you can change to bi-weekly mowing since the grass growth slows considerably. 


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