4 Lawn Care Services to Consider This Year in the Silverleaf and World Golf Village, FL Areas

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Rusty Thompson on March 31st, 2023
4 Lawn Care Services to Consider This Year in the Silverleaf and World Golf Village, FL Areas

Enjoying your Silverleaf and World Golf Village, FL areas landscape can be so much easier when you have skilled lawn care handling all the details. Reliable, professional service can take away the stress of worrying about its care while ensuring the lawn is healthy. These lawn care services can be exactly what you need for a thriving, envy-worthy grassy space and landscape. 

Full-Service Lawn Care

From weekly mowing in the growing season to biweekly service in the off-season, keeping the grass cut to the ideal height to protect the roots and encourage good health can take up a lot of time. A primary benefit of full-service lawn care can be the confidence that a trained crew will ensure your grass has all the attention for premium beauty. 

Each week when they arrive, as part of a weed control program, they could pull the weeds to keep them from overtaking the lawn. If you need more extensive weed prevention, they have professional herbicides to handle any weed infestation quickly so it doesn’t spread.  

Their crew will prune perennial plants and deadhead the flowers to encourage more growth. Their ongoing horticulture training is an asset you don’t want to miss. This is a benefit you can’t often find in lawn care services. 

Pest Prevention and Control

In our warm climate, it can be easy for pests to overtake the grass and destroy the lawn that makes you proud. Pest prevention and control can be the key to stopping any problems before they take hold. Grubs, chinch bugs, crickets, webworms, and other pests can ruin the lawn and landscape aesthetics before you know they are there. 

Pest prevention can be applied in early spring to stop bugs and other insects from finding a home in your lawn. They also have the products to control the pests that slip through so your lawn can continue to thrive and add that living beauty to your landscape. 

Mosquito control can be an essential addition to pest control and lawn services handle that, too. Keeping your lawn and landscape insect free can increase the pleasure of spending time outdoors. 

Organic-Based Fertilizer 

The peace you feel when you know your lawn has been fed with an organic-based fertilizer can be unmatched. Your children and pets are safe from hazardous products and your grass is verdant and lush. 

Fertilizer applications can be tailored to your grass type and soil so the most nutrients can feed the grass over time. 

Organic-based lawn treatments can give you pride in your lawn while also adding more curb appeal. When neighbors ask what you have been doing to have lush grass and healthy trees and shrubs, you know the secret that delivers stellar results.

A Lawn Satisfaction Guarantee

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain when lawn services come with a lawn satisfaction guarantee. A lawn care crew can make as many visits as necessary to ensure your grass services meet your expectations. 

Most of the time, extra visits are not needed since the team is trained in plant, grass, and tree health and part of their weekly job is to look for problems at each visit. Prevention can be the key that ensures your grass and landscape are gorgeous all year round. 



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