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Winter Vacation - You can request time off up to 40 hours per week, including any time worked. Vacation days may not be cashed out for pay instead of taking time off! You can use your vacation to add a day or two to your pay if your schedule is short over winter, but you CANNOT work a full week and ask for vacation days on top of this. 

Vacation and Paid Time off Policy 

  • Vacation may be used only between the months of November to February.
  • Flex time can be used at any time of the year, in increments of 4 hours or more, with a maximum of 16 hours (2 days) used consecutively.
  • Vacation pay does not contribute to overtime.
  • Any vacation or flex time not used is lost, it does not roll over from year to year. Flex time and vacation time renews each year on your anniversary.
  • If your employment comes to an end for any reason, any paid time off accrued is lost.

Employee Manual >>> TMLC Employee Manual

Landscape Maintenance Department Tiers

Tier I - LM Team Member

  • 30 days
  • Humble/Hungry/People Smart (Talk with trainer)
  • Basic training signed off (sign off folder)
  • Follows AM/PM procedures (demonstrate)
  • Policy and Procedure Test better than 80% Test >>> Procedures Test
  • Can identify 4 turf types (demonstrate) >>> 4 Turf Types

Tier II - LM Team Member II

  • 90 days
  • Follows T.E.A.M. core values (demonstrate)
  • Identify 15 LS plants (test) >>> Tier II 15 Plants 
  • Detail on property (demonstrate)
  • 4 types of pruning test >>> 4 Types of Pruning

Tier III - LM Lead in Training
(By invitation only)

  • Exemplifies T.E.A.M. core values
  • 4 common turf problems >>> 4 Common turf pests
  • Identify 10 additional LS plants >>> Tier III 10 Plants
  • Knowledge of upsell (demonstrate)
  • Calculate SPH with cheat sheet (demonstrate)
  • Paperwork procedures (demonstrate)
  • Before/After photos (demonstrate)
  • Selective herbicide (test)

Tier IV - LM Team Lead I

  • >30 days TLIT
  • Exemplifies T.E.A.M. core values
  • Customer service/communication (demonstrate)
  • Completed 5 upsell recommendations (sign off)
  • Estimate maintenance/cleanup hrs (demonstrate)
  • Understanding of pruning (when, how etc.) (demo)
  • Lay out and install annuals (demonstrate)
  • Identify 35 LS plants >>> Tier IV 10 Plants 
  • Calculate SPH without cheat sheet: (demonstrate)
    • By day
    • By week
    • By property

Tier V - LM Team Lead II 

  • >1 year LM TLI
  • Exemplifies & Coaches T.E.A.M. core values
  • Upsell 6 LC accounts (sign off)
  • Complete 25 upsell recommendations (sign off)
  • ID 4 common ornamental pests (test) >>> 
  • Can mix/apply 4 common products (test):
    • Sedgehammer
    • Fusillade
    • Surfactant
    • Pre-emergen

Tier VI - LM Team Trainer
(By invitation only)

  • Exemplifies & Coaches T.E.A.M. core values
  • Exemplifies & teaches all other LM tiers (demo)
  • Ability to test & signoff members (demo)
  • Able to teach SPH without cheat sheet (demo)

Landscape Department Tiers

Tier I - LS Team Member

  • >30 days
  • Humble/Hungry/People Smart 
  • Identify 10 common LS plants (test)
  • Identify 5 turf types (test)  
  • Drive manual transmission vehicle (demo)
  • Proper install: trees, plants, mulch, sod (sign off)     
  • Company Procedues Followed (Sign off)

Tier II - LS Team Member II

  • >1 year
  • Follows T.E.A.M. core values
  • Operation of: Dingo, concrete saw, sod cutter (sign off)
  • Ability to complete checklist/paperwork (demo)
  • Identify 25 common LS plants (test)
  • Identify 5 common LS trees (test)
  • Understands SPH (test)
  • Perform next day prep with foreman (demo)
  • Lay out plant design (sign off)

Tier III - LS Foreman in Training

  • By invitation 
  • Layout Landscape from Design (Sign off)
  • Follow Checklist (sign off)  
  • Install Walkway (sign off)
  •       -Paver Walkway  
  •       -Flagstone Walkway
  • Complete Irrigation Wet Check (Sign off) 
  • Repair Irrigation Break (sign off) 
  • Upsell Sod [measure and estimate mhrs] 

Tier IV - LS Foreman I

  • By Invitation
  • Exemplifies T.E.A.M core values
  • Timely completion of:  (demo)
  • Clock in and out in single Ops
  • 4 o'clock email   
  • Receipt documentation 
  • Installs and can train others on: (sign off)
  • Hardscape patios 
  • Drainage   
  • Landscape lighting

Tier V - LS Trainer

  • >1 year LS FMI
  • By invitation only
  • Exemplifies T.E.A.M core values 
  • Order and set material deliveries
  • Can complete & train others on:
       folders, reciepts, 4 o'clock email
       Install retaining wall
       Install irrigation controller
       Install lighting controller
  • SPH above $70
  • $500 in change orders monthly
  • Obtain 2 lawn care clients monthly


  • >1 Year LSTR   
  • By invitation only
  • Teaches and leads my example (Core Values)
  • Sale and upsells of $10k monthly
  • Understands and sells in all 4 departments
  • Irrigation troubleshooting 
  • Helps teams achieve $70 SPH
  • Helps teams with change orders/upsells
  • Supervise LS Trainer  G43
  • Help manager locate issues with jobs before they start
  • Obtain 2 lawn care clients monthly