What I've Learned from My Toddler

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Rusty Thompson on February 19th, 2020
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I am not a parenting expert. My son, Griffin, is only 2 and I consider myself still pretty naive to this parenting thing. He is a charming, loving toddler with an energy and curiosity. He picks up new skills with a speed that I could only dream about and he loves and trusts with his whole heart. In this short time, I’ve learned more from him than I could have thought possible. Here are a just a handful of things my son has taught me:

Never Stop Learning

I watch my son’s face sometimes and I am awed to see the gears in his head turning. He is making new connections constantly and his curiosity is insatiable. He doesn’t need a classroom, a conference, or a formal setting to take in information and explore. He has taught me that I can approach every moment in life as an opportunity to learn.

Persistence Pays Off

My son is somewhat of an escape artist. Our toddler-proofing skills have been stretched to the limit and he is constantly devising new ways around them. Maybe not the first time...maybe not the tenth time...but eventually, he devises a way that works. He applies this same persistence to everything he tackles, and it is amazing to see. I have learned tha we may have to fail a dozen times, but with persistence we can find a way past any challenging obstacle.

Be sad together

If you’ve spent any amount of time around a toddler, you know that those emotions run deep! From the most joyful exuberance to the depths of despair, and in a moment's time. When Griffin is sad, he reaches for us, for me and for his mom to offer support and comfort. Too often as adults we brave these moments alone, not wanting to burden those around us. But life’s hardest moments are easier when we reach out to those around us.

I am so thankful for all that my son is teaching me. From patience to perseverance, I look forward to the many lessons that are still to come.

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