Trends in Gainesville Brick Pavers and Patios

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Rusty Thompson on March 25th, 2019
paved patio with fire pit and furniture

Most people agree that despite the old saying, things are not necessarily the same all over. Whether we are talking about clothes, food, or interior design- what is popular in New York isn’t always as popular in Gainesville, FL. This is especially true when it comes to landscaping, brick pavers, and retaining wall products and projects. The Master's knows this better than any other landscape company in Gainesville. Looking at the projects we have installed for our clients over the past 5 years provided us with some insights on which styles and colors are rising in popularity in different areas of our market. People that live in Duck Pond a different style than someone living in Haile Plantatioor Oakmost subdivision. 

Neither is the right or wrong style of bick pavers - just different styles.

When looking at which styles of pavers are trending, we looked back at the landscaping projects we have installed for our clients. We looked at several items to determine which brick pavers were the most popular for our clients. The trend leans towards smooth-faced pavers in large formats or sizes. Rectangular shaped pavers with a mixture of grey and tan colors are the predominant color blends for brick paver patios installed by our team. Of course, there are some projects that had varying products installed and varying style attributes.

The soldier course is likely the most-used laying pattern for a paver border in our area. For this pattern, rectangular pavers are laid in a row, side-by-side. It is very easy to see up close, but not so much from farther back - unless you use a different color paver. 

paver walkway
paver walkway


Another trend in Gainesville, Florida brick paver patios are random paver patterns. They show no specific pattern because there isn't one. This hardscape photo also shows a soldier course as well.

paver walkway patios with firepit


Another trend in Gainesville, Florida patio pavers and hardscapes is utilizing outdoor rugs to soften the entertaining area. Here is an example from one of our suppliers.

outdoor rug on paved patio


Although Gainesville paver cleaning and sealing is less of a trend, and more of a service - it is definitely something to consider for your hardscape's longevity. The brick paver-patio craze started back in 2006 and has been growing strong ever since. Some of the 5-10 year old Gainesville patios are showing needs for repair, cleaning, and sealing service. Failing joints, unlevel pavers, faded color, algae and soil residue all lower the appeal and value of your brick patio and walkway. Here are some before and afters of our Gainesville paver repair services. 

paver sealing before and after
paver sealing before and after
paver sealing in process

If you are in need of help designing, installing, protecting, or cleaning your Gainesville paver system, please don't hesitate to call our team. You can rech us by calling (352)378-5296 or emailing



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