Rusty's Corner: Thankfulness In Spite of a Chaotic 2020

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Rusty Thompson on November 19th, 2020

It has been a long and strenuous year for us all. Many of us have faced new challenges that have changed our lives completely from 9 months ago.

As we move into the holiday where we are reminded of the importance of being thankful, it can be difficult to get into the season when considering how 2020 has gone.

Whether it is tangible or intangible, being thankful for everything we have is all about focus. That focus usually lies in comparison - and focusing on measuring this year to last year leaves me feeling many things - but thankful is not one of them.

However, changing our focus can absolutely change our mentality.

Although it has been a tough year, we thankfully have not seen the level of hysteria many experts predicted. Switching my measuring stick to those predictions - virally and economically - helps me stay appreciative.

Changing my focus to the positive side effects that have come from this year also helps.  This year has reminded me that my house is my home and I am fortunate to have one. I have also been reminded that spending more time outside helps me appreciate the absolute beauty and wonder of nature.

Political years will always have some form of chaos and division in them, but measuring our system against governments without the rights of voting, free speech, and open debate creates much more appreciation for our political freedoms than simply focusing on the flaws.

As we begin to plan for the holiday season, I am choosing to focus on the things that create gratitude instead of frustration. I'm also choosing to focus on the things that I am blessed with, rather than the negatives 202 has challenged us with.

Thanksgiving may be different this year, but it still carries the same reminder - maybe even a stronger one this year - that I can be thankful and show gratitude, even when faced with challenging situations.


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