Rusty's Corner: The Paradox of Freedom

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Rusty Thompson on August 1st, 2017

As Americans, we get to experience something that few others enjoy - Freedom. We get the freedome to choose our home, employer, spouse, religious practice (or lack thereof), and even how to spend our resources. 

Freedom of choice, as great as it is though, doesn't give us the freedom from consequences. Consequences can be penalties or rewards, but your choices are what determine the consequences.   If I choose to focus on my health by working out and eating healthy, I will reap the consequences of strength and endurance. I may also have a consequence of being sore and a higher grocery bill. If I choose to work 70 hours a week, I will reap the positive consequences of career and financial growth, but I may also reap the negative consequence of the toll on my marriage.    When it comes right down to it, our future is determined by the sum of our choices we make today. The old saying is "You are free to choose - but you are not free from the consequences of your choice."   With that in mind, what choices will you make today so that you can enjoy the consequences in the future?


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