Rusty's Corner: A Note of Gratitude

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Rusty Thompson on December 22nd, 2015

The season of giving is upon us! This is one of my favorite times of year, a time of magic and joyful celebration.

When I was younger the magic of the season came with what I would receive. As I've grown older, and maybe a little wiser, it's still a magical season but for very different reasons. These days it's the spirit of giving and the chance to spend time with those I love most that really makes it feel like Christmas. It's also a time when I am humbled with gratitude for all of the many blessings in my life.

For over 10 years now The Master's Lawn Care has proudly served Gainesville and we have been blessed with steady growth and incredibly wonderful clients. The words "thank you" really don't seem like enough to express my gratitude, but they are the words that I have so I will start there. Thank you for enabling The Master's Lawn Care to create 5 new jobs in 2015. Thank you for allowing us to support local businesses, nurseries, and growers. Most of all, thank you for trusting us with your homes and businesses and for allowing us to care for your property. Thank you for allowing us to maintain and beautify the yards that you spend time in, enjoying them with your families.

On behalf of The Master's Lawn Care we wish you and yours a joyous holiday season and wonderful New Year. May the joy of the season surround you! Merry Christmas! 



RUSTY'S CORNER: 2015 Year in Review

As the year comes to a close many of us are thinking about making our resolutions for the coming year.  I too enjoy creating new goals for the new year, but there is something that I like to do first that I wanted to share with you. I call it the year in review, a term you are probably familiar with. I look back over the past year to see where I wound up with my goals and resolutions from the previous year.

New Year's resolutions have a way of getting away from us sometimes. Our initial determination wears away and it can be easy to look at those unrealized goals as failures. I prefer to see them as another opportunity for learning.

Looking back over the past year we can analyze our resolutions from a different perspective. We can decide if each particular goal is still something that we want to pursue and if it is, we can consider the factors that may have worked against us and what changes we can make to be more successful now. For example, perhaps we had a resolution to work out more often. Looking back on 2015, maybe you realize that working out after a hard day in the office is not realistic. Deciding it's still a goal worth striving for, we can plan to make some changes, such as working out before going to the office, or planning to get most of our workouts done over the weekend.

Whatever the resolution, if it's still something important to us, we can decide to try again. I've heard that less than half of New Year's resolutions last more than a few months. That may sound discouraging, but I've learned that things worth having rarely come easy!


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