Rusty’s Corner: Bridging the Gap

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Rusty Thompson on April 20th, 2023
Bridging the Gap

Every morning, as I stare at the man in the mirror, I'm faced with a gap that I’m not necessarily proud of. That gap is the space between the person I aspire to be and the flawed person staring back at me.

Some days, that gap is barely noticeable, but on others, it can feel as wide as the Grand Canyon.

I may have fallen short that day in my role as a husband, father, employer, or as simple as my workout. I may have made mistakes, lost my temper, or just failed to meet my own expectations of myself. It's in those moments that guilt, frustration, and even shame can creep in, and I question whether I am truly living up to my own standards.

However, I've learned that I am not alone in this struggle. The more transparent I am about it with others, the more I realize that many people experience the same internal battle. It's a reminder that we are all humans, and no one is perfect. We all have a gap between our ideals and our reality. It's not that the gap is there; it's how we choose to fill that gap that makes the difference.

I've come to realize that dwelling in frustration or guilt doesn't lead to growth or positive change. It only weighs me down and hinders my actions to narrow that gap. Instead, I choose to fill that gap with renewed energy to try again tomorrow. I use it as an opportunity for self-reflection, learning, and growth. I acknowledge my mistakes and shortcomings, and I strive to make amends, improve my actions, and align them with my ideals. I seek forgiveness and extend grace to myself and others, knowing that we are all on a journey of growth and transformation.

Whether it's through trusted friends, business mentors, my church’s community group, or prayer, having a support system can help us navigate the challenges of bridging the gap between our ideals and our reality.

In short, I've come to realize that what matters is not that there is a gap, but how I choose to bridge the gap. I choose to fill it with grace, a community of support, a commitment to do better, and renewed focus and energy.

What do you fill your gap with?


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