Project Spotlight: Landscape, Front Patio, and Pool Remodel Project

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Rusty Thompson on June 1st, 2020
Project Spotlight Remodel Project Before and after images

We would like to take the time to highlight some of the amazing projects and lawn makeovers that our extraordinary team has completed. The team is extremely proud of this pool paver remodel and landscape rennovation!

This project was an exciting opportunity to take on the challenge of

  • renovating the front yard landscape
  • remodeling the pool patio from cooldeck to modern pavers
  • adding on several paver additions
  • overlaying the front patio.

The Traverstone 'White Pewter' pavers were a hit in their neighborhood, and the client requested them specifically as they were sleek, modern, and in-style.

The landscape enhancement involved keeping some of the foundational plantings in the original landscape design, but upgrading plants in several key areas to increase the color, curb appeal, and fluidity of the design for seasonal interest. It included Drift Roses, Hydrangeas, Agapanthus, Regina Irises, and Golden Lantana.

The hardscape plan involved using overlays to cover existing cool decking around pool, the front patio, an old paver addition that didn't match the homes' color palette anymore, and some full-sized pavers in 3 new areas to extend the outdoor living space.

The project was difficult, time-consuming, and involved crossing some major hurdles to get it all done, but take a look at the photos of how it turned out! All that's left is sanding in the pavers and this project is complete!!

pool hardscape
house landscape
front porch


Designs and Paver Details

landscape plan image
landscape plan image
landscape plan image

In Progress Photos

hardscape in progress
pool hardscape
pool hardscape
landscape in front yard
before and after pool hardscape
before and after pool remodel
before and after driveway
before and after hardscape porch
before and after hardscape front porch
before and after patio
before and after hardscape path
before and after pool remodel
hardscape remodel plans

Fantastic job, landscape installation team! You guys made this project look AMAZING!


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