Oakmont Outdoor Living Makeover: Paver Patio, Gas Firepit, Herb Garden, and Waterfall Feature

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Rusty Thompson on March 21st, 2023
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The Brand new Oakmont Homeowner had seen a water feature in a Jacksonville landscape that he had fallen in love with and wanted to mimic it behind his new home. However, he had the additional desire of having an all-inclusive space for a hot tub, a natural gas fire pit, a herb garden, and he wanted it all to be pest and mosquito free. 

The only way to accomplish that in a North Florida landscape is to cover it with a screen enclosure, meaning all of these desires had to fit within an allocated space, and also include grade changes to allow the waterfall to flow well.


We designed an outdoor living space that weaved each of these features within a rectangular space in close proximity to the home so that it wasn’t too large of a screen enclosure. We also designed a change of grade to allow the water feature to flow and use of retaining walls to ensure the slope did not take space away from the hot tub or firepit patio.

First, we graded the backyard to ensure the backyard waterfall flowed well, and ran the natural gas, power and basic plumbing for all the features. We also poured the footer for the soon-to-come screen enclosure. We then built the paver spaces for the firepit and hot tub, along with a seating wall to retain the top of the waterfall grade. After that came the installation of the irrigation zones and natural gas firepit. Finally, we built the seating walls and installed the herb garden and landscape plants to finish off the project. 


  • Pavers: Belgard Catalina Stone in Titanium
  • Retention Wall: Belgard Easton Stone Wall Blocks in Slate
  • Firepit: Firegear Linear H Flat Burner System
  • Custom Pondless Waterfall Pump & Liner System
  • Various Sized River Rock

See the 3D Rendering Design Plan for this project:
The Master's Lawn Care: Backyard Oasis 

Thank you for entrusting our team with your landscape design and construction for this amazing project. You truly cannot even recognize that it is the same home!

The completed project will leave you speechless! Watch the video and see for yourself!

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Take a look at the photos of how it turned out!

Before Photos:

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After Photos:

completed project
completed project


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