A Gainesville Sprinkler System that Saves Your Water Bill

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Rusty Thompson on November 22nd, 2018

"I was looking at ways to reduce my GRU bill and noticed a heavy portion of it was our irrigation water usage...I also noticed manually having to adjust the timer based on weather was not realistic. This came to the fore this past summer as we seemed to experience a constant spell of rainy days which meant frequent manual shut downs as well as having to remember to reactivate the system once the storms had passed."

This is just one of many reasons people upgrade their Gainesville Irrigation systems to smart controllers - specifically Hunter's Hydrawise system. 

Rain sensors, an Alachua Country code-requirement on sprinkler systems, work decently enough for shutting down sprinklers when there's been excessive rain. However, weather sensors don't have the ability to:

  • Shut the irrigation system down when there's a freeze warning to avoid plant damage and water waste.
  • Adjust the water settings up and down based on heat or cool temperatures
  • Meter the water and alert you if there's a pipe break or busted head causing a high amount of water flow.
  • Turn the irrigation off the morning of a day where there's a 90% chance of rain.
  • Allow you to remotely adjust your sprinkler settings based on recommendations from your lawn spraying company.

“Set up was also a breeze; a connection to our WiFi and downloading an app on my phone and we were about done!"

Clients have been impressed with the system capability and especially the savings on their water bill.

“As for how much I saved? I cut my water use on our irrigation meter by $73!”– Jeff

Inspired by Jeff’s story and wanting to conserve water? Call us today for more info on getting started with a Gainesville Smart Irrigation Controller!