Gainesville Landscape Plant of the month: Redbud Tree

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Rusty Thompson on March 9th, 2021

The redbud tree is an attractive native tree with a range that stretches from Canada all the way down to Florida and into Mexico. It signals the start of spring with a striking floral display. Redbud's rapid growth and small size make it an excellent choice for gardeners hoping to add color or fill an empty space in the landscape.

Redbud trees are frequently recognized by their blooms. In early spring clusters of small pink or white flowers open along still-bare branches. White (alba) cultivars tend to bloom about a week after the pink cultivars. In late summer, seed pods follow these floral displays. The pods are green, sometimes with a red tinge, and mature to a red-brown. The beans they contain provide food for birds.

Redbud trees can be planted in full sun or partial shade and generally require little care. Plant them on their own as specimen trees, or use them under a larger tree with a dappled canopy. The further south in the state they are planted, the more shade they require.

Add redbud trees to your landscape by propagating from seed or by purchasing and transplanting young trees. Native nurseries typically collect seeds from local populations to ensure optimal performance in your area. Containerized trees can be planted any time of the year but young trees do best when transplanted in the spring or fall. As you would with any newly planted tree or shrub, water redbud transplants until they are established.

The beautiful redbud adds a lot of elegance to any yard with a showy display of delicate blossoms paving the way for spring. Adaptable and dependable, redbuds are one of the most charming native trees in Gainesville landscapes.

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