Gainesville Landscape Plant of the month: Drift Roses

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Rusty Thompson on April 8th, 2021

Drift Roses are a cross between full-size groundcover roses and miniature roses. They were bred to provide all of the resilience, disease resistance and frequent flowering of larger landscape roses on much lower-growing bushes, filling a special niche in the landscape rose market. They will fit beautifully into smaller spaces, provide the perfect size shrub for foundation plantings and look great in containers.

How tall do drift roses get?
2-3 feet tall. They're true, low-spreading, dwarf shrub roses that grow only 2-3 feet tall by 2-3 feet wide and are covered with blooms that open to 1 1/2 inches. Drift roses are perfect in small gardens, splashing your landscapes with visual delight.

What is the difference between drift roses and knockout roses?
Although newer than Knockout roses, Drift roses are quickly becoming a gardener's favorite. Drift roses also bloom nonstop and don't need to be sprayed for the disease. Drift roses have a more traditional 'rose' shape and some of them are even fragrant, such as Coral Drift and Sweet Drift

Do Drift Roses need full sun?
Drift Roses need 6-8 hours of full sun every day. The more sun there is, the more they will thrive and produce flowers.

Be sure to plant Drift roses in a well-prepared bed enriched with generous amounts of organic matter, such as compost. Good drainage produces best results, so avoid low, wet areas or plant in raised beds.

Drift roses should be fertilized each spring with a slow-release or controlled-release fertilizer, following label directions. Another application in late summer would help plants bloom better into the fall, especially in new beds where nutrients may be lacking. Drift roses really come into their own the second or third year after planting.

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