Gainesville Landscape Flower of the Month: Winter Violas

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Rusty Thompson on October 16th, 2020
winter violas
violas at a plant nursery

Violas are miniature relatives of Pansies, and are perfect for our winter seasonal color beds in Gainesville lawns. Violas are theoretically perennials, but are generally grown as annuals. Violas are much loved, grateful plants, which are used for an enormous variety of uses and applications. They give a wonderful color contrast in rock gardens, peek out from under taller plants in borders, brighten up containers, baskets and window boxes and generally show their happy sunny faces wherever they are planted. When planted in the fall they will cheer up a dull grey day as winter progresses. Regular deadheading will prolong the display, and Viola tend to be hardier and more weather-resistant than its Pansy relatives with their larger flowers.

The Sorbet XP Series is a complete new generation in Viola. Seed Breeder Troy Thorup has created a viola series that delivers amazing uniformity across a wide range of dazzling colors. The unique, new colors and flower pattern make it is clear to see why Sorbet XP is a sure-fire winner!

A rich soil and ample moisture are needed for the production of large flowers. Keep plants in bloom by removing old flowers before seed is formed. Fertilize during the growing season. Occasionally plants will survive the winter in sheltered locations north of hardiness zone 8. The plants grow six to ten inches high and are spaced six to eight inches apart.


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