Gainesville Landscape Flower of the Month: Pansies

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Rusty Thompson on January 6th, 2021

Bring color to your flower beds in the dark days of winter with Pansies. This hardy plant will flower for the majority of the winter season and straight into spring, leaving your lawn looking bright and colorful all year long. Pansies prefer sunlight, however, they grow well in partial shade, which makes them a perfect addition to your winter landscaping.

In order to get the best-looking pansies in your winter lawn, be sure to plan ahead and plant these in the pre-winter months of September to early October. By doing this the pansies will use the warmth of the soil for faster growth and have a better chance at growing sturdy roots and producing more flowers throughout winter.

If you properly care for your winter pansies, you can expect to see them last for 3 or more years. These flowers are bred to withstand the harsh freezing temperatures. They may become a bit droopy, but they rebound when the temperature rises.

To care for your winter pansies start by planting them facing sunshine. Fertilize them after planting during late autumn and again in spring. To lengthen the blooming period of your winter pansies, pinch out flower heads that have finished blooming. Doing this will ensure that nutrients arenโ€™t wasted and the new flowers that grow will last longer. Make sure to regularly water weekly, preferably in the morning so they have the morning sun and the rest of the day to dry.

If you would love to see some bright color in your winter landscape design, call our office at (352) 378-LAWN or fill out our online form so we can schedule a meeting to discuss how to make that happen.


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