A Coronavirus Message to our Clients (UPDATED 5/13)

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Rusty Thompson on March 24th, 2020

We want you to know that we take this pandemic very seriously. As new information emerges and our approach changes, I will continue to update this post. Please bookmark this page for updates as they become available.

Our hours continue to be 7am - 4pm.

  • Sales meetings can be done via video call or conference call if desired, or in-person visits are available with these precautions:
    • We will not be handshaking or touch of any kind.
    • We will remain outdoors.
    • We will be respecting any other social distancing guidelines released by the CDC
  • We will not be entering any homes for any of our services.

Below is a timeline of updates as we have rolled out changes since mid-March, for you to be aware of.

  • 5/13 11:220am - Our Gainesville Give Back project continues. Please contact our office with any recommendations! 
  • 4/27 7am - We have begun a plan to slowly bring back office team members one-by-one with enhanced measures still in place and seperate offices spaces for all office staff to enable distancing. This will span over a 3 week period till May 11.
  • 4/20 11am - One residential service team will be able to shift back to riding together with no more than 2 people in the vehicle in order to alleviate the burden of driving their personal vehicle, upon request.
  • 4/3 11am - We are shifting schedules for further focus on efficiency and lessening team interaction as we constantly evaluate processes through the lens of safety.
  • 3/30 7am - The state has issued a stay-at-home order that applies over the county order already in effect. The state order also lists service providers such as we provide as essential. We will continue adjusting to ensure our team, clients, and community are protected during this pandemic. 
  • 3/25 6am - We distributed face shield cool towels to all team members that covers their mouth, nose, and neck. Mostly used for sun protection, these are not medically-approved masks, or they would've been donated to healthcare professionals. They do filter air through a cloth to help prevent  unneeded spread. 
  • 3/24 7:30am - We are focusing today on communicating with our clients proactively, and then restart services on Wednesday with even further safety precautions.
  • 3/23 4pm - Alachua County released the order to close non-essential businesses, but deemed landscape contractors and pest control as essential to home services. We made the decision to shut down for Tuesday to make sure we have taken the proper precautions. We made the decision to eliminate any remaining team members riding in vehicles together. Mileage reimbursements will be paid to team members for using their vehicle to meet on jobsites.
  • 3/23 6:30am -  Our weekly team meeting was held in an Online Video Format to effectively transmit information without any gathering. We will continue team meetings digitally until it is safe to return to this important part of our team culture. All tools and equipment are handled by 1 person only and not shared, unless disinfected after use.
  • 3/20 12:30pm - We launched company mass communication software and web meetings for ease of communicating quickly with our team.
  • 3/19 9:30am - We began offering video call or phone meetings to clients as an option, depending on their comfort level. The office team transitioned to work-from-home environment.
  • 3/18 6am - We staggered start times to reduce people in the shop at the same time and started teams meeting at job sites or taking vehicles home, where safe to do so. Company vehicle disinfection program began. We unplugged our ice machine and the use of shared water coolers - team members have to bring in their own water jugs for hydration to avoid cross-contamination between team members.
  • 3/16 6:45am  - We suspended all in-person meetings within our office, closing off shared areas in the building such as the coffee area and timeclock. We also instituted 2x daily disinfection of all high-touch surfaces and instruction on following all CDC distancing and hygiene standards.

Should you have concerns regarding our services, or wish to discuss specific requests, we are here to support you and offer flexibility to reschedule at your convenience.

I want you to know that we take this situation very seriously, and the balanced priorities of keeping our community safe along with keeping our team employed is a true test that I take to heart.

I look forward to working with you and we will get through this together.. Our prayers remain with all who are being affected by this situation, and with those providing medical care, support, and other essential services in this challenging time.


Rusty Thompson