5 Ways to Extend Your Landscape into the Evening

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Rusty Thompson on November 22nd, 2022
outdoor landscape with fire pit and movie screen

When the day's obligations are done, the evenings are quieter and more calm. If you prioritize designing for it, now is the ideal time to unwind and get nearly everything out of your landscaping investment. Being aware of the possibilities is one of the keys to extending your landscape into an enjoyable experience into the evening. Below is a list of 5 ways you can extend your outdoor space well into the evening.

1. Lighting
Let's start with the universally adored lighting and color. This is a great way to artfully illuminate your outdoor space! Whether you're looking for curb appeal, security, or extending your entertaining area outside, landscape lighting is a design trend that does just that.
See some of our Landscape Lighting photos to get inspired

2. Firepits
Sitting around a fire is one of the most enjoyable things to do when entertaining in the evening. The allure and charm of an open flame will add that extra unique touch to your backyard and turn it into the neighborhood's go-to entertainment area.
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3. Paver Patio Entertainment Area
Patios with numerous rooms are becoming more popular in landscape design as a means to accommodate guests and serve as backyard retreats. Paver patios are a premium, individualized outdoor patio alternative that provides homeowners with a luxurious patio layout with minimal care needed. A patio made of pavers offers countless entertainment alternatives. Hosting events is certain to provide friends and family endless memories.
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4. Outdoor Audio
You'll have a ton of additional options to enjoy your backyard if you make an investment in an outdoor audio system. Take your exercise routine outside, for instance, and swim laps while blasting a motivating soundtrack through your outdoor speakers. Hook your speaker up to the TV so you can listen to the audio of the Gator game outside even if you don't have an outdoor TV so that you can grill without missing a play. Additionally, listening to music while working in the yard can be enjoyable and cheer you up. Your outdoor patio speakers have so many uses!
What does outdoor audio in your landscape look like? Here’s an example.

5. Outdoor Projector
For a movie night or to organize karaoke, combine your speaker system with an outdoor projector! If you want to stream movies and TV shows from your phone or computer, seek a high-resolution, portable projector model with optimal brightness and Bluetooth connectivity.
There are many screen options to choose from to work with your outdoor space:

  • Retractable screens- you can place from the ceiling of your covered patio
  • Grommeted screens- you can hang on the side of your garage
  • Standing or inflatable screens- you can set up in your yard.

These screens also come in a variety of sizes and patterns.

Who wouldn't want to throw a movie night in the backyard?

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